04 Jun 2019

7 Life Hacks to Get that Morning Workout Started


If you struggle to get your exercise time in after work because of the drain on your energy, then an early morning workout is your best option.

It isn’t easy to get up on the morning for some folks either. If you find yourself in that situation, then here are some simple life hacks that will help you to get up and moving before the sun begins to rise. 

#1. Set Two Alarms

Set two alarms in the morning to wake up. The first lets you know that you have 15 minutes to transition into the day. Try using this time for some meditation. Get some caffeine if needed. Clear your head. Then head out the door for your workout when the second alarm goes off.

#2. Go to Bed Early

It helps to get yourself ready for tomorrow the night before. Pack everything that you’ll need for your workout before going to bed. Then make sure to start your evening routine earlier. If you’re in bed by 10pm, so getting up at 6am doesn’t feel like a cruel joke. Smart preparation can get you out the door in 10 minutes or less. 

#3. Turn the Lights On

Your body transitions to a wakeful state better when lights are on in the early morning. If you find that your energy levels feel slugging, try using a sunrise simulator alarm clock to get you moving. Then turn on some music to help boost your energy levels during this critical moment of the day. 

#4. Cold Water

Splashing some cold water on your face will help to take away the last feelings of fatigue as you go through the morning routine. It helps you to feel more awake, which transitions your body toward a better dynamic state. Try drinking a full glass of water right away in the morning too, as this will get your metabolism going.

#5. No Excuses

Make sure that you have everything ready to go for the next morning as you start this new workout routine. Bring anything that you might need for the day with you to stop any excuses about exercising. Even making sure you have ties for your hair can be enough to help you push forward.

#6. Schedule Rewards

Once you’ve been successful with this process for at least a week, take a little time to reward yourself. Schedule a brunch with your family or friends. Grab lunch the next day at your favorite spot during a break at work. Go to a movie. The options are endless. Just make sure that you choose something that is meaningful to you.

#7. Make It a Habit

Don’t give up on this process. It will take a couple of weeks before it begins to feel reasonable to you. Numerous rewards are waiting if you choose to exercise in the morning instead of going back to bed.

If you struggle to find time to exercise each day, then use these life hacks to get your morning started earlier. That will help you find the extra time! 

04 Jun 2019

7 Essential Fitness and Diet Tips for Men


Did you know that almost 75% of men are either overweight or obese?

Half of all guys don’t engage in vigorous physical activities for more than 10 minutes during the day. 

Those statistics aren’t made up. They come directly from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

If you’re looking for ways to start getting healthy, then these are the essential fitness and diet tips for men that will help you find a path toward success.

#1. Change Your Routine

Stop doing the same exercises every day. A little variety in your workout routines will help your body and mind stay engaged. Try mixing some strength training with your cardio work, add in some martial arts, or even do some yoga in the evening.

#2. Exercise with a Friend

Having an exercise partner will provide you with an extra level of motivation to stick with your fitness and diet plan. Friends offer accountability. This structure makes it easier to accomplish your overall goals.

#3. Read the Labels

You must start reading the nutrition labels on all the foods that you purchase at the grocery store. Pay close attention to what the serving size is supposed to be. You might be surprised to learn that many packages offer 3 to 4 servings instead of just one. Then work to avoid foods that have high levels of fat content while limiting your sugar intake for reliable results.

#4. Keep It Simple

Keep your food preparation work at home as simple as possible. Steam, grill, or bake your foods instead of trying to deep-fry them. Substitute olive oil for butter. Season with fresh herbs instead of salt. If you order food from a local restaurant, try to follow the substitutions by asking what you can do with their menu.

#5. Focus on Strength

You can develop a strength training routine without ever making it to the gym. Try toning your muscles at home or during a break at work for a few minutes whenever you can. Push-ups will work your triceps, shoulders, and chest. Squats and lunges work multiple muscle groups for you too. Both exercises are easy to add to any fitness routine.

#6. Add Some Cardio

You can add cardio exercises to any lifestyle with only a few changes. Try taking the stairs at work instead of using the elevator. Park near the back of the lot instead of near the front. You can burn calories by standing up frequently at work, walking at a brisk pace, or using break times to run in place. Start slowly if you’re trying to get back into shape to prevent muscle soreness and cramping.

#7. Add New Foods

Guys add weight because they get bored with the same foods. Try eating something new instead. This new structure will ensure you’re receiving the nutrients you need while limiting boredom eating opportunities.

You can take charge of your health. That extra layer of fat around your waist doesn’t need to be there. Now is an excellent time to start bucking the trend of being overweight. Start using these tips to find success today!

30 May 2019

When Is the Best Time to Exercise?

The best time to exercise is whatever works best for you. Your workouts are more about the personal preferences you have more than what your physiology requires of you.

It is supposed to feel good when you exercise. 

When working out at night keeps you awake, or if your muscles feel tight and sore in the morning, then trying to exercise will feel counterproductive.

That’s why many people choose the afternoon, during their lunch break, as the best time to exercise.

It Is More Important to Establish a Routine

Your body will adapt to whatever time you decide is right to start exercising. If you establish a habit that has you working out at 3pm each day, then that will become your peak time after 1-2 months of work.

The same is true for those who choose to exercise early in the morning or late at night.

What matters the most in this process is where your core body temperature happens to be. If your body is stiff and cold, then you will experience a higher risk of strains, sprains, and similar injuries. A warmer body temperature gives the body more flexibility.

Because your body temperature typically increases during the day, the afternoon becomes a logical time to schedule your exercise session. Your reactions are quicker as well, with your blood pressure and pulse at their lowest rates. This combination creates an improvement in performance, which reduces the risk of an injury.

Do Hormones Play a Role in the Timing?

Knowing what your hormone levels are throughout the day will play an essential role in the establishment of an excellent time to start exercising. All genders benefit from testosterone for strength and muscle growth. Your body produces more of it during the later hours of the afternoon.

That means resistance training works better if you schedule a session after work instead of trying to fit in some time during the early morning.

Cortisol is another hormone which must be taken under consideration when finding the best time to work out. It peaks in the morning hours, decreases during exercise, and is typically lower in the late afternoon.

This information all adds up to a time between 12pm to 3pm when you can maximize the benefits of exercise.

That doesn’t mean an early morning workout isn’t a good thing – it is. The routine is more important than your timing. Your body will adapt to whatever time is available to you. Consistency is what unlocks your progress.

What Is the Bottom Line Here?

If you’re trying to find a good time to exercise, then establishing a consistent workout schedule must become your first priority.

You can warm up your muscles for an effective early morning workout. If you want to exercise in the afternoon, then treat these times as an unbreakable appointment.

It is helpful to find a workout partner to maintain accountability when establishing this new routine. Keep up gym bag in your vehicle, or at the office, to encourage this habit and avoid excuses.

You can find time for exercise. Discover your comfort zone, then make the choice to get to work. 

25 Apr 2019

7 Essential Diet and Fitness Tips for Women


When you search for diet and fitness tips for men, you’ll discover advice that helps them to build muscle.

If you search for the same tips as a woman, then you’ll receive dieting advice mixed with a few stress management tips.

It’s time to stop this cycle. Women can get strong just as well as a man can. These diet and fitness strategies will help you reach that goal in no time at all.

#1. Add Some Water

You must stay hydrated while you’re pursuing an improved diet or some extra exercise. Water will always be your best option. Some women try to drink athletic beverages, but these items can add calories at the same rate as a soda. Unless you put in a strong 60-minute workout, stick with water.

#2. Find a Friend

Exercising with a fitness partner will help to keep you accountable to your goals. Make a list of your friends, then see who might be willing to exercise with you. If they can meet with you 3-4 times each week, be supportive of your goals, and push you to the limit, then that’s going to be the friend you want by your side.

#3. Eat Smarter

You should have three items in your grocery basket each week: in-shell nuts, fat-free yogurt, and balsamic vinegar. If you’re eating salads already, try substituting Greek yogurt for the high-calorie dips and dressings that you might be using. Then stock up on plenty of fruits and vegetables. You’ll want to leave the red meats alone whenever possible.

#4. Curb the Sugar

Always think “fruit first” if you have a craving for sugar. These foods will give you the satisfaction needed without pushing you toward a higher calorie total. Some sliced apples with peanut butter will offer a fulfilling snack. Even eating a banana is a better choice than having a slice of chocolate cake.

#5. Focus on Footwear

Many women abandon their fitness goals because the exercising they do makes their feet hurt. That’s why buying a comfortable pair of sneakers should be a top priority. Your feet swell during the day, so shop for shoes in the evening to ensure you get a set that works for you. When they’re comfortable out of the box, they will be supportive of your feet after you put some miles on them.

#6. Bring a Playlist

Running with music will keep your feet moving to the metronome of the beat. Think about the music that gives you energy. Even classical music works for some athletes.

#7. Think About Portion Size

After you start exercising each day for 2-3 weeks, you’ll notice that your body starts to feel hungrier throughout the day. That’s when you need to start thinking about portion size. If your protein takes up half your plate, then you need to replace half of it with fruits or vegetables. 

Exercise is supposed to be fun. When you combine working out with smart eating choices and tips like these, you’ll find it easier than ever to achieve your fitness goals.