When you search for diet and fitness tips for men, you’ll discover advice that helps them to build muscle.

If you search for the same tips as a woman, then you’ll receive dieting advice mixed with a few stress management tips.

It’s time to stop this cycle. Women can get strong just as well as a man can. These diet and fitness strategies will help you reach that goal in no time at all.

#1. Add Some Water

You must stay hydrated while you’re pursuing an improved diet or some extra exercise. Water will always be your best option. Some women try to drink athletic beverages, but these items can add calories at the same rate as a soda. Unless you put in a strong 60-minute workout, stick with water.

#2. Find a Friend

Exercising with a fitness partner will help to keep you accountable to your goals. Make a list of your friends, then see who might be willing to exercise with you. If they can meet with you 3-4 times each week, be supportive of your goals, and push you to the limit, then that’s going to be the friend you want by your side.

#3. Eat Smarter

You should have three items in your grocery basket each week: in-shell nuts, fat-free yogurt, and balsamic vinegar. If you’re eating salads already, try substituting Greek yogurt for the high-calorie dips and dressings that you might be using. Then stock up on plenty of fruits and vegetables. You’ll want to leave the red meats alone whenever possible.

#4. Curb the Sugar

Always think “fruit first” if you have a craving for sugar. These foods will give you the satisfaction needed without pushing you toward a higher calorie total. Some sliced apples with peanut butter will offer a fulfilling snack. Even eating a banana is a better choice than having a slice of chocolate cake.

#5. Focus on Footwear

Many women abandon their fitness goals because the exercising they do makes their feet hurt. That’s why buying a comfortable pair of sneakers should be a top priority. Your feet swell during the day, so shop for shoes in the evening to ensure you get a set that works for you. When they’re comfortable out of the box, they will be supportive of your feet after you put some miles on them.

#6. Bring a Playlist

Running with music will keep your feet moving to the metronome of the beat. Think about the music that gives you energy. Even classical music works for some athletes.

#7. Think About Portion Size

After you start exercising each day for 2-3 weeks, you’ll notice that your body starts to feel hungrier throughout the day. That’s when you need to start thinking about portion size. If your protein takes up half your plate, then you need to replace half of it with fruits or vegetables. 

Exercise is supposed to be fun. When you combine working out with smart eating choices and tips like these, you’ll find it easier than ever to achieve your fitness goals.