If you struggle to get your exercise time in after work because of the drain on your energy, then an early morning workout is your best option.

It isn’t easy to get up on the morning for some folks either. If you find yourself in that situation, then here are some simple life hacks that will help you to get up and moving before the sun begins to rise. 

#1. Set Two Alarms

Set two alarms in the morning to wake up. The first lets you know that you have 15 minutes to transition into the day. Try using this time for some meditation. Get some caffeine if needed. Clear your head. Then head out the door for your workout when the second alarm goes off.

#2. Go to Bed Early

It helps to get yourself ready for tomorrow the night before. Pack everything that you’ll need for your workout before going to bed. Then make sure to start your evening routine earlier. If you’re in bed by 10pm, so getting up at 6am doesn’t feel like a cruel joke. Smart preparation can get you out the door in 10 minutes or less. 

#3. Turn the Lights On

Your body transitions to a wakeful state better when lights are on in the early morning. If you find that your energy levels feel slugging, try using a sunrise simulator alarm clock to get you moving. Then turn on some music to help boost your energy levels during this critical moment of the day. 

#4. Cold Water

Splashing some cold water on your face will help to take away the last feelings of fatigue as you go through the morning routine. It helps you to feel more awake, which transitions your body toward a better dynamic state. Try drinking a full glass of water right away in the morning too, as this will get your metabolism going.

#5. No Excuses

Make sure that you have everything ready to go for the next morning as you start this new workout routine. Bring anything that you might need for the day with you to stop any excuses about exercising. Even making sure you have ties for your hair can be enough to help you push forward.

#6. Schedule Rewards

Once you’ve been successful with this process for at least a week, take a little time to reward yourself. Schedule a brunch with your family or friends. Grab lunch the next day at your favorite spot during a break at work. Go to a movie. The options are endless. Just make sure that you choose something that is meaningful to you.

#7. Make It a Habit

Don’t give up on this process. It will take a couple of weeks before it begins to feel reasonable to you. Numerous rewards are waiting if you choose to exercise in the morning instead of going back to bed.

If you struggle to find time to exercise each day, then use these life hacks to get your morning started earlier. That will help you find the extra time!