The best time to exercise is whatever works best for you. Your workouts are more about the personal preferences you have more than what your physiology requires of you.

It is supposed to feel good when you exercise. 

When working out at night keeps you awake, or if your muscles feel tight and sore in the morning, then trying to exercise will feel counterproductive.

That’s why many people choose the afternoon, during their lunch break, as the best time to exercise.

It Is More Important to Establish a Routine

Your body will adapt to whatever time you decide is right to start exercising. If you establish a habit that has you working out at 3pm each day, then that will become your peak time after 1-2 months of work.

The same is true for those who choose to exercise early in the morning or late at night.

What matters the most in this process is where your core body temperature happens to be. If your body is stiff and cold, then you will experience a higher risk of strains, sprains, and similar injuries. A warmer body temperature gives the body more flexibility.

Because your body temperature typically increases during the day, the afternoon becomes a logical time to schedule your exercise session. Your reactions are quicker as well, with your blood pressure and pulse at their lowest rates. This combination creates an improvement in performance, which reduces the risk of an injury.

Do Hormones Play a Role in the Timing?

Knowing what your hormone levels are throughout the day will play an essential role in the establishment of an excellent time to start exercising. All genders benefit from testosterone for strength and muscle growth. Your body produces more of it during the later hours of the afternoon.

That means resistance training works better if you schedule a session after work instead of trying to fit in some time during the early morning.

Cortisol is another hormone which must be taken under consideration when finding the best time to work out. It peaks in the morning hours, decreases during exercise, and is typically lower in the late afternoon.

This information all adds up to a time between 12pm to 3pm when you can maximize the benefits of exercise.

That doesn’t mean an early morning workout isn’t a good thing – it is. The routine is more important than your timing. Your body will adapt to whatever time is available to you. Consistency is what unlocks your progress.

What Is the Bottom Line Here?

If you’re trying to find a good time to exercise, then establishing a consistent workout schedule must become your first priority.

You can warm up your muscles for an effective early morning workout. If you want to exercise in the afternoon, then treat these times as an unbreakable appointment.

It is helpful to find a workout partner to maintain accountability when establishing this new routine. Keep up gym bag in your vehicle, or at the office, to encourage this habit and avoid excuses.

You can find time for exercise. Discover your comfort zone, then make the choice to get to work.